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Many approaches for RDF stores exist, most of them using very straight-forward techniques to store triples in or mapping RDF Schema classes to database tables. RDFBroker is an RDF store that uses a natural mapping of RDF resources to database tables that does not rely on RDF Schema, but constructs a schema based on the occurring signatures, where a signature is the set of properties used on a resource. This technique can therefore be used for arbitrary RDF data (i.e., RDF Schema or any other schema/ontology language on top of RDF is not required). Our approach can be used for both in-memory and normal (on-disk) relational database-based RDF store implementations, and also distributed RDF stores (with distributed query handling) benefit from it.


Michael Sintek, Malte Kiesel: "RDFBroker - A Signature-Based, High-Performance RDF Store", presented at ESWC 2006. PDF, presentation slides.


See SVN webfrontend. The repository can be checked out using

 svn co rdfbroker


RDFBroker source code is subject to the GNU General Public License.


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